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We are Yüme

A Modern Way of Parenting.

About Us

Hola, Wandsworth!

Our first Yüme Wandsworth Nursery & Preschool offers a fully immersive bilingual learning experience in English & Spanish throughout the different parts of our Yüme Day.

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Yüme MiniMë Club

The MiniMë Club aims to build a strong connection between our Yüme Educators, team of experts and our Yüme families, from pregnancy stages onwards.

Our MiniMë Club sessions (both online and onsite)  invite parents & children to learn Languages and new skills in shared classes available to all ages/levels.

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Yüme Curriculum

Children's wellbeing and education is really at the centre of all we do and design: investing time now will inspire and inform their future.

A Pedagogy of Play & Active Learning structure our holistic concept. Purposefully blended with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), our Curriculum enables both play-based & Inquiry-based learning in all areas to ensure that our Yüme Children thrive.
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Welcome To Yüme

Yüme believes that nurseries and preschools need to provide more than just daycare for children.

Drawing from both personal & professional experience, we at Yüme understand that parenting can be overwhelming at times, and find it very difficult to balance work with personal & family time.

Our Nurseries & Preschools, along with the MiniMë Club, offer an all-inclusive space for children and parents, combining an exceptional educational experience with a warm and joyful environment for the whole family.

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Yüme Children

We promote for children to have a balanced schedule that articulates free-play and adult-led sessions throughout our Yüme Day featuring Bilingual & Forest School activities.
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Yüme MiniMë Club

We offer onsite sessions for parents & children in Languages, Arts, Music & Movement during the week & weekends. Plus, our online platform offers Pre & Post Natal courses, resources & more.
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Yüme Educators

We encourage our Yüme People to continue developing themselves professionally with ongoing online/onsite training, along with mentorship and support regarding their wellbeing.
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Our Values

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To nurture is to care, protect and love. We strive to provide a safe, secure and warm environment for your children with educators that welcome them with an affectionate and supportive embrace.


Children should always be given time to play, to rest and to reflect on what's been done. This is a huge contributor to their wellbeing, their self-confidence and self-improvement. 


We endorse your child’s unique contributions, investing time in their interests. We empower your child to be strong, confident, observant and independent. 


To love is to enjoy, find interest in and embrace affectionately.
We inspire your child to be passionate about their interests, seek its wonder exploring, and build on their choices.

A Nice Flower being watered

Nurture + Nature

Did you know that London is the world’s largest urban forest? And the first declared National Park City?

As a London-based organisation, we find that very inspiring. We consider the outdoors to be an exceptional setting for all learning experiences, full of engaging and sensorial explorations, challenges and amazing discoveries.

Learn more about Forest Schools.

A lovely Rainbow representing Diversity

Celebrate + Diversity

Yüme values all aspects of children’s lives, building strong partnerships with families and the community.

We embrace individuality and diversity. We consider that every child has the power to make a difference.
That is why we couldn’t be happier and more proud to welcome everyone to Yüme!

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Empower + Global Thinkers

Children's cognitive development from birth to age 5 sets the foundation for all future learning.

It's a crucial time to engage their minds with new themes, ideas and challenges that will lead them to become great thinkers and future entrepreneurs.

We introduce Languages and multicultural immersion as a trigger for enhanced cognitive development.
This strongly resonates with our origin story and ethos.

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A Playfull set of icons representing Active Learning

Reflect + Take Action

Children have naturally inquisitive minds, that seek new knowledge, and challenges, that make them wonder

As educators, we must teach them about the importance of taking a time out and reflecting on our struggles, and how/what we can learn from them.

This is what structures our Active Learning approach combined with what metacognition defines as "thinking about thinking". 

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