This is our Story

We are Yüme

Yüme (“to dream”, in Japanese) is a word that holds great meaning for us: Yüme was in fact once a dream, a wish, and an idea, for a better and more personal approach to Early Years Education and a new community of parents.

Based on years of experience in the workplace, and parenting first hand, our team decided to combine passions in a project that would inspire us, and drive us to go beyond the current standards and expectations for the industry.

With drive, commitment and passion, we have created a forward thinking and conceptual vision for our Yüme Children & Families.

We are unique

New in a thriving industry, Yüme Nurseries & Preschools aspire to reset the standards by which an Ofsted-registered Early Years provision excels and exceeds in all criteria to be Outstanding.

We strive to be different and unique, offering children a holistic approach to their early years learning experience, and welcoming parents and carers to be active influences in their children's lifelong learning journeys.

We are a community

We offer a comprehensive platform that ensures that children's education becomes a joyful and rich experience from their first steps until their graduation day, and beyond.

We are constantly seeking ways of supporting our community and the local people (please, do let us know if you have any suggestions for us), and we stand side by side especially with the young families and parents that may require extra support.

We dedicate ourselves to the ideal that families, educators and the community are equal contributors to a child’s education, their future learning and, all-in-all, to them becoming their best selves.

We make space

Through nurturing creativity, providing time to explore & wonder, and loving & caring for your child, we empower them to embrace challenges with confidence, individuality and respect.

Our original Curriculum, developed over years of study and practice by our educational experts team, articulates the many needs of our Yüme children.

With a highly supportive and creative approach to children’s learning enhanced by the beautifully curated, modern and fluid play spaces and original educational approach, children are centre to all that we create, do and design.