Age Groups

A reflection of the real world, our setting is designed to allow children to reenact everyday situations and experiences, in an imaginative landscape: promoting active and deeper learning.

Babies Room

On the first stage, our Baby Room is purposefully designed to support the care aspect of young children (aged 3 months to 14 months). A safe, exploratory environment suited for young babies’ needs, including cozy sleep room, first independent movements and feeding. On a second stage, Yüme Babies will enable a transition period into toddling, including space to promote further interactions (between peers), and more room for young children to move around freely, explore, and develop further their communication skills.

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Yüme Baby Room is a purposefully designed playful environment that naturally supports stimulating, sensory activities.It's tailored to suit babies needs, including cosy sleep room, and safeexplorative spaces.

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Baby Toddlers & Toddlers Room

Yüme Toddlers & Baby Toddlers share our biggest room in the house. It promotes children's independence and confidence, developing new interests and skills through learning situations that focus on their communication & physical capabilities. Transition between age groups is typically at 2 years old.

Preschool Room

Yüme Preschool is a room for creators & big thinkers: children face new challenges and come up with their own ideas, along with focusing on key concepts and routines required for their transition into primary school. Children here will focus on their school readiness capabilities, including more advanced resources and activities, that promote their academic development, along with their emotional and interpersonal skills.