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Careers & Benefits

We believe that everyone aboard should be sharing the success of Yüme. This way, we can guarantee the best quality of education and the warmest attention for all our Yüme Children & Parents.

Following Our Dreams and Ambition

Our People policy is to always respect individual contribution and promote continuous growth by providing mentorship and ongoing training opportunities.

When there is a new job post within Yüme, equal job application opportunities will be given for any member of the Yüme team to encourage a new & diverse career development pathway.

If you are interested in joining Yüme, please do send us your CV, and tell us a little bit about yourself, to people@yumeschool.com.

For senior team members, our cross-functional Yüme Experts programme offers training in relevant skills and core capabilities that aim to build stronger professionals and a stronger Yüme.

Grow further as an Educator

The Senior Educator is a position that does not exist in the industry: Yüme will provide those experienced Room Leaders with an industry’s top salary position and recognition after having worked with us for at least 3 years.

All Yüme educators are invited to continue developing themselves professionally with ongoing online training, and two yearly inset days with on-site training from renown professionals from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.


All Yüme Educators & team members are rewarded with a range of bonus & compensations to acknowledge their hard work and efforts.

Outstanding Bonus

We consider that an Outstanding nursery reflects the excellent work of the organisation and its people, this is why we provide a special bonus to all team members when this rating is achieved by the setting.

KPI Based Bonus

Our Work Ethics Assessment bonus is based on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of each Yüme employee based on their individual performance (as members of their Yüme team).

Referral Bonus

Our teams are our greatest delegates, and we offer an appreciative Referral bonus as a thank you to all team members & Yüme alumni who invite a friend to join the Yüme Team, after completing their probation period.

3 years = 5 Days Holiday +

After being part of Yüme for three years, you will be rewarded with a one week paid holiday and a special bonus so that you can travel and enjoy some quality time with family, friends and loved ones.

*All bonuses are subject to school occupancy and general performance.

Lunch & Drinks

Our chef will cook fresh and delicious meals for our nursery teams every day. Free coffee, tea, healthy snacks are available for our nursery teams.

Cycle to Work Scheme

This allows you to buy a bike to cycle to work on and save the tax.

Mentorship Counselling & Well-being

We acknowledge that sometimes we can face difficult times at work. All Yüme team members are free to speak with our Mentorship Counsellor anonymously at any time via online and/or face to face counselling, citizens advice and welling support.

Celebrations & Special Occasions

All our Yüme members will receive a dinner voucher for their birthday, along with a delicious homemade birthday cake to share this special day with their families.