Our Approach to EYFS

We provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education that aligns with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Since September 2008, it has been mandatory for all Early Years Providers to comply with the standards outlined in the EYFS. 

Our curriculum and teaching ensure the transmission of knowledge and we aim to inspire each child with a thirst for a wider and deeper understanding of the world. It lays the foundations for their future educational journey. 

Our Curriculum intends:

We intent to develop the cultural capital of our children through planned enrichment activities linked to our daily curriculum.  

To encourage our children to be independent learners.  

To foster critical thinking and progress oracy skills, enabling our children to make informed choices and articulate their thoughts and feelings.  

We draw specific guidance from three elements of thought in shaping our approach: traditional teaching methods, modern insights on child development, a diverse range of early years theorists, and various philosophies. These influences collectively contribute to our fresh and unique approach to education;  

Inquiry Based Learning

Our Reggio inspired approach promotes curiosity in children, introducing new ideas, and knowledge that comes from the children’s own questions. It is not just the educator that imparts knowledge: we challenge children with real or imaginary scenarios, that allow them to develop their own learning experiences.

Pedagogy of Play

Play is at the centre of all our activities and learning opportunities at Yüme. This pedagogy embraces both free and structured play, as they allow children to understand their (place in the) world, make friendships, and test or risk-assess ideas through engaging activities.

Forest School

Our approach focuses on fostering children´s confidence and self-esteem by engaging them in hands-on learning experiences within a natural and holistic environment; this helps to expose children to new risks and challenges, providing valuable opportunities to learn from nature and grow.