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For other enquiries, you may contact us: hola@yumeschool.com

What are your opening hours?

We are open Mondays to Fridays from 8am-6pm (Core Hours). We also offer extended operating hours of 7am-7pm (see more below).

Can I bring my children in later, or pick them up earlier than the regular nursery hours?

Early drop-off from 7am and late pick-up until 7pm are available for an extra charge. This must be pre-booked in advance.

Is the nursery open on weekends?

Yüme Weekends will be available from Summer 2021, with Saturday sessions running from 9am to 3pm (pre-booking needed).

What do my nursery fees cover?

Fees include all freshly prepared meals and snacks, premium nappies and day-trips (if applicable). Our fee structure is subject to Terms and Conditions.

Yüme Wandsworth: Is there a Waiting List to enrol my children?

Yüme Wandsworth is currently open and fully operating. To find out more about our availability, daycare options and to join our Waiting List, please get in touch by calling or emailing: wandsworth@yumeschool.com.

COVID UPDATE: What measures will be implemented in your setting to protect children, families and educators?

The welfare, safety and protection of our people is key. We adhere to the Statutory Framework for the EYFS and incorporates all associated/current guidance and legislation in the implementation of our Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures. For more information, our full COVID-19 policy will be shared upon enrolment.

Settling in Sessions: Are you still offering onsite SIS for new parents & children?

We offer a one-hour accompanied (COVID safe) settling in session for a parent, their child and a key educator; and the following two sessions (2 and 3hrs long each) will be the child unaccompanied. These sessions are free of charge.