We are an International Community

Living in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, we promote multiple languages development from the earliest stages, as this is proven to have a great impact on children’s cognitive development.

Native Speaker-led interactions

Between 40-60% of the World’s population are considered to be bilingual. This is represented by the team a Yüme, an experienced group of internationally trained educators and professionals who ensure each child receives the support and learning experience that their family requires.

How do languages work at Yüme?

Our nursery offers a fully immersive English/Spanish bilingual environment with native speakers of both languages. Plus, complimentary languages such as French, Mandarin and Korean are also introduced as a Language Programmes both for parents & children.

Each family can choose their child’s key person (and buddy key person) to address them in their native language if desired, along with the option of English being the exclusive/predominant language your child is exposed to.

Is learning two languages at the same time confusing for children?

Yes and no. It is true that children may find learning two or more languages at the same time more challenging. However, it’s been proven through extensive research that in the long term, children’s language abilities are not delayed or impaired, while, in fact, multilingualism provides a stronger cognitive development, and a personal (and eventually) professional advantage.

If you are bilingual and you are thinking about or are currently raising your children to be bilingual, our nursery is for you. If you're not bilingual, but wonder if you might be able to raise your children to be bilingual, our nursery is also for you.