Online Safety

Join us in creating a secure online haven for children, blending education with empowerment. At Yume, we are committed to fostering responsible online habits early on, ensuring a safe and enriching digital experience.


We recognise the importance of cultivating responsible online habits from an early age.


Only have true friends as online friends & contacts, and only interact and message with true friends.


Always think before you accept a message, request, notification or file / document from any online contact or opponent


If anything upsets, worries, frightens or concerns you (or anyone you care about) speak to a trusted adult


Always ask permission or for advice, before you use, add, download, get, or interact with anyone, ‘This is age Irrelevant’.


Make sure what you post, share, take, say or message won’t upset anybody and that you won’t regret it.


Don’t add random players to ‘Closed Groups’ this is unfair to the other group members and can be dangerous. (Only have true friends & family in closed groups)


Taking / posting / sharing inappropriate selfies can be avoided by asking for a second opinion, (You won’t know if an image is inappropriate unless you ask someone else)


Stick to the correct ages for social media, apps & games and don’t assume just because you can play or use that a true friend is also allowed, ask first


Don’t become an unintentional victim
through GPS & viruses, so always disable GPS (Location) when at home, and don’t search for films in google or stream from file sharing


When you are 14+ speak to trusted adults about
‘Blogging’ ‘Twitter’ & ‘Linked In’, to create an online brand to be proud of for your future.


- Don't share personal information -'Keep your secrets SECRET'.

- Be kind online - 'As you would be in school'

- Selfies/pictures - the impact - 'Ask permission'

- Don't ignore age restrictions (Games; Apps; Social Media)