Our progression model of learning


We nurture our families and children to settle in to a safe, secure and warm environment.
This forms the essential foundation for children to be ready to learn.


Once settled, we celebrate our children´s achievements and efforts, encouraging resilience and a sense of accomplishment through meaningful praise and interactions.


We empower our children to make informed choices to promote and value their individual growth. Through encouragement and understanding, children begin to communicate their needs, thoughts and feelings with confidence.


We motivate our children to pursue their curiosity and recognise what they know and what they want to learn. Questions are heard and expanded on, prompting reflection and deeper thinking.

Our parents love what we do

We take on feedback and work towards improving our children’s experience, customizing their learning to their needs at every stage.

30+ parents reviews

¨Yüme made what could have been a tough periodin introducing my baby to the nursery, such a wonderful and happy experience

Jane & James
Parents of J.

"We're really happy to have our toddler at Yüme and highly recommend everyone at least have a visit. It's a special place."

Father of E.

”We can really see our son developing positively on a personal level,socially and emotionally.”

Annemarie & Brad
Parents of O
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