Toddlers running in the park

Outdoor Learning

We are passionate about providing children with enriching Outdoor Learning experiences that foster a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Our Outdoor Learning program offers exciting opportunities for children to engage with the environment through daily outings, twice a day, to the community, including Wandsworth Park and the picturesque Riverside Thames. These outings provide a chance for children to explore and connect with their local surroundings.

We also organise educational visits to various places of interest, such as the local library and fire station, where children can broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Our dedicated educators ensure that regular planning is linked to nature-based learning, creating meaningful and engaging activities that harness the power of the outdoors. From identifying local flora and fauna to hands-on experiments and nature-inspired arts and crafts, our Outdoor Learning program nurtures children's curiosity, physical coordination, problem-solving abilities, and fosters a strong sense of connection with the natural environment.

Through these experiences, children develop a lifelong love for the outdoors, a respect for their community, and a thirst for knowledge

Forest School

We are proud to offer an enriching Forest School program that provides unique learning experiences for children of all ages, starting from 3 years old.

Our little explorers eagerly await their Forest School adventures as they hop onto our mini-bus, accompanied by experienced Forest School educators. They embark on regular excursions to a nearby woodland, where they are introduced to the wonders of nature.

Inspired by the principles of Forest School philosophy, our engaging activities foster a deep connection with the natural environment and promote holistic development.

From building dens and tracking wildlife to engaging in imaginative play amidst the trees, our Forest School program encourages curiosity, creativity, and resilience in our young learners. With the forest as their classroom, our children develop essential skills, confidence, and a lifelong love for the natural world.

Children over 3 will have additional Forest School sessions twice a month, to continue to improve their understanding of nature, develop motor skills, problem-solving and risk assessing with a trained Forest School team.

Children will also engage in team and individual sports, promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical development. Yüme works in partnership with a private sports coach that customises activities to our children's needs and interests.

Playing outside is crucial for children's wellbeing in multiple ways. It allows them to engage in physical activities, promoting healthy development and active lifestyles. Outdoor play stimulates their senses, encourages creativity, and fosters imagination. Additionally, being in nature promotes relaxation, reduces stress levels, and enhances overall mental and emotional well-being.


Yüme is inspired by the six principles that defines what a Forest School is.


Regular trips into the woodlands (not just one-offs) no matter the weather: changes in the Natural environment are just invitations to learn (and play).


Understanding of the ecological impact & sustainability through fostering the relationship with nature. We create a strong physical and emotional bond with nature.


We offer children the opportunity to take and assess risks, with a purpose, that comes from an exploratory sense or instinct.


Our educators are Forest school qualified, passionate about nature and learning and promoting exploration in the outdoors.


Children & educators are placed at the centre of the explorations, building a collaborative learning process and sharing their own achievements.


As a result, Forest schools enable more resilient, confident, independent children that enjoy living and learning in nature.