Toddlers running in the park

Outdoor Learning

We promote early years PE and outdoor learning, as a holistic approach to children’s physical development and wellbeing. Plus, the natural world around us has the power to stimulate and amaze children. To help them develop life skills, self-confidence and curiosity.

Toddler jumping outdoors

Exploring in Nature.

Our Yüme Outdoor Learning programme includes regular visits to Wandsworth park and the river Thames, both in the morning & in the afternoons (all age groups).

Children will have additional Forest School day trips to London landmarks including Richmond Park, Bushy Park, Wimbledon Commons, and more.  

Children will engage in team sports, exploring shapes, numbers and colours in nature, learning “survival” skills, and understanding key elements on what changes the Natural World experiences through the year.

In nature, children get to play, learn, develop their senses and body awareness, while understanding the World around them, in a more conscious and organic way.


Yüme is inspired by the six principles that defines what a Forest School is.


Regular trips into the woodlands (not just one-offs) no matter the weather: changes in the Natural environment are just invitations to learn (and play).


Understanding of the ecological impact & sustainability through fostering the relationship with nature. We create a strong physical and emotional bond with nature.


We offer children the opportunity to take and assess risks, with a purpose, that comes from an exploratory sense or instinct.


Our educators are Forest school qualified, passionate about nature and learning and promoting exploration in the outdoors.


Children & educators are placed at the centre of the explorations, building a collaborative learning process and sharing their own achievements.


As a result, Forest schools enable more resilient, confident, independent children that enjoy living and learning in nature.