Parent Handbook 2024

At Yüme, we blend care, creativity, and learning to nurture every child's potential. Our philosophy is to foster individual growth, spark curiosity, and instill a love of learning. Our nurturing environment ensures a joyful journey of discovery and skill development. This Parent Handbook is your guide to our approach, outlining our policies, practices, and the vibrant life at our nursery. Join us in a partnership where your child's dreams are nurtured, and every step of their journey is supported with love and care.

Welcome to Yüme

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you and your child to Yüme. We believe your child is about to embark on a journey that will inspire them to become a lifelong learner. We are delighted that you have chosen to collaboratively share the responsibility for your child’s wellbeing and learning experience with us at Yüme.

We smile when your child smiles. Happiness, enjoyment, and laughter is key to ensuring your child is engaged, settled and secure.  

Our professional, knowledgeable and passionate educators will contribute in partnership with you as parents to consistently provide high-quality care and education for you and your child.  

To help settle both you and your child, please find the information you require within this Parent Handbook. Please contact us if you require any further information.  

We look forward to meeting you again soon!


Child’s Key Person

Our aim is work collaboratively with you to ensure your child has a seamless and calm transition from home to nursery and beyond. Our supportive settling in process helps to identify how best to support you and your child during this sensitive time.
We customise our approach where required to support the transition process. Your child’s dedicated key person is pivotal to their transition.  
Your child’s key person will:  
●     Nurture the family relationship assisting with the settling of your child.
●     Warmly welcome your child ensuring that their care is tailored to meet their individual needs and follow their individual care routines.
●     Respond sensitively to children’s feelings and behaviours and meet their emotional needs by providing reassurance, especially during transition and those times when a little TLC is needed.
●     Offer unconditional regard for your child and be non-judgemental.
●     Act as the key contact for parents and link with other carers involved with your child, such as a childminder, co-ordinating the sharing of appropriate information.
●     Be responsible for ensuring your child’s development is observed and monitored so learning is customised to further support your child’s interests and next steps in learning.
●     Ensure that all developmental records are maintained and shared with you, fostering collaborative partnership and reflecting the full picture of your child in our setting and at home.
●     Encourage positive interactions between children, spending time with them as individuals and as a group.

Yüme will provide a buddy key person so you and your child have a key contact in the absence of the child’s key person and will continue to promote the role of the key person as the child’s primary caregiver at nursery.

Settling Sessions

Preparatory Meeting
During the preparatory meeting we organise an hour long stay and play session with your child’s key person. Together, we will review your child’s information and complete an ‘All About Me’ document. This establishes an early collaborative approach and encourages your child to explore their new surroundings in the comfort of your presence. During this time, your key person will familiarise you with your child’s environment, introducing you to routines and meeting your buddy key person and other educators in your child’s classroom.  

Accompanied Settling in Session
We organise one accompanied settling in session at times that best support interaction with your child’s key person. During this session, your child will be supported by you in the environment but will also be encouraged to participate in activities and routines. If your child is happy, calm and engaged we will ask that you gently separate yourself so your child can explore their new environment independently and with the support of their key person.  As our approach to transitioning is one that is respectful of your child’s individual needs, we will determine during these sessions if your child would benefit from a more flexible ‘settling in routine’. If your child’s transition has been smooth and they are ready for the next step, we would then organise an unaccompanied settling in session. Please organise these with your child’s key person and Nursery Manager.  Your key person will also request your permission to take a photo of your child, alternatively please ensure you provide a headshot of your child. This is for your child’s peg and learning journal information.

Unaccompanied Settling in Session
The unaccompanied settling in session provides an opportunity for your child to settle independent of your presence. During these times your child’s key person will be your child’s support. Please ensure you remain within a 15-minute collection time as we will contact you if your child becomes distressed and requires you to return to the setting.  We hope for a calm transition where your child feels, safe, secure, and supported. If your child begins to develop signs of emotional change, please let us know so we can help and guide you and your family in how best to balance your child’s needs through separation and transition. Please also remember, our children mimic and learn from those closest to them. If you are calm, engaged, and excited, it’s likely your child will be too.

Your Child’s First Day

To ensure your child has all they need, please ensure your child comes equipped with:  
●   Clearly named personal items and change of clothes in a named backpack.
●   Indoor shoes
●   Appropriate seasonal weather wear i.e.: sunhat, sun cream, winter coat, boots, or all in one.
●   Sun cream in the warmer months
●   Formula Milk if appropriate
●   Bottles and Teats if appropriate
●   Comforters if needed
●   Nappy rash cream if needed

Your child will be immersed in many sensory play opportunities. This usually involves substances that may mark clothing. Please dress your child suitably with appropriate footwear. Please ensure all items of clothing or personal items are clearly named. This helps for easier identification and a better likelihood of any misplaced items being returned to you.  

Yüme provides:
●   All educational materials
●   Linen
●   Meals, including food and drinks at snack time, breakfast, lunch and high tea
●   Children’s cups and utensils
●   Nappies and wipes

Items that we’d prefer stay at home:
●   Plastic bags
●   Bags with long looped handles or ties.
●   Electronic devices
●   Snacks (especially those that contain nuts)
●   Medication that is not required

Yüme Communication

At Yüme we know communication is key. Our collaborative approach means information is shared and welcomed. This both reassures you as parents/caregivers and facilitates an open and honest platform to discuss anything, whether it be positive or negative, a problem shared is a problem halved. Here at Yüme, we love to share your child’s experiences and will delight in telling you about your child’s contributions.  

Your key person will:
●     Update you about your child’s day, sharing ‘your child’s news’ verbally on handover.
●     Be there for that quick chat if needed, this best supports your child and continues to foster the shared parental responsibility that we encourage.
●     Arrange a longer meeting at a mutually convenient time if a more in-depth discussion is needed.
●     Share real-time diary information on the parent app, updating your child’s daily routine.
●     Organise opportunities to share information about your child’s progress and ‘Journey of Learning’.

Yüme Educators will regularly share information that informs you of your child’s learning and forthcoming events. This information will vary and be dependent on the flow of learning adopted in your child’s play space. As learning is fluid and aligned to children’s inquiry and interest, activities can be spontaneous. Information shared could be daily or weekly depending on the wonders your child experiences. Our educators will be delighted to share the evolving learning your child embraces so expect regular updates.

Family Information Evenings
During the year we will host  Family Information Evenings. These three evenings per year will provide an opportunity for parents/carers to share and access information about topical issues concerning childhood, early years care and education.  

Parent and Child Progress Discussion
During these discussions, families spend time with their key person to discuss the progress your child has made, also exploring together your child’s next stages of learning. These will be organised termly. Opportunities will be available for more impromptu discussion as and when needed. Please liaise with your key person to arrange a mutually agreeable time.

Joint Parental Responsibility
We understand all families are unique - one size doesn’t fit all - however we also understand that some families face difficulties that result in family dispute.  In the event of a family dispute between parents, there are clear legal procedures which childcare providers must follow:
●      Parents of a child who are married have equal rights over their child (joint parental responsibility) unless we are informed otherwise by way of a court order or through Social Services.

It is important to note that unmarried fathers pre-dating 1st December 2003 do not share the same rights (joint parental responsibility) as the child’s mother who has sole parental responsibility, unless the father is able to produce a court order or legal document stating he has parental responsibility.

Yüme Family support is paramount to our ethos, we are there to support you, your child and your family in ensuring that your child has the very best beginning to their life journey as possible.

Nutrition and Mealtimes

Yüme promotes healthy eating with our home-cooked, nutritionally balanced meals, cooked by our qualified chef in our onsite Kitchen.  

We understand that children’s food preferences and eating habits are formed early in life so have created a nutritional plan that best supports a child’s growth and lifelong healthy eating habits. We also meet the dietary needs of all children, including weaning, food intolerances, food allergies and preferences, including cultural or religious requirements.  We encourage children to make healthy choices and include ‘Food and Growth’ as part of their learning journey ensuring children experience foods from different cultures and countries.

To further establish a healthy relationship with food we encourage opportunities for children to be independent and social during mealtimes.  Young children grow quickly and have high energy and nutrient requirements for their size. It is important for them to eat regular meals and snacks that contain sufficient energy and nutrients for their needs.

Yüme encourage a varied diet based around the following food groups.
●   Potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, and other starchy carbohydrates
●   Fruit and vegetables
●   Beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat, and other proteins
●   Dairy and alternatives
●   Fat  We limit salt and instead flavour our dishes using a variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices.

We also limit sweet foods that contain sugar and rather replace these with foods that are naturally sweet like fruit and fruit purees. We offer a range of puddings that are considered as part of a healthy and balanced diet for young children. These are made with cereals (such as rice or oats), milk and fruit.

Menus Yüme considers the nutritional requirements for all children and provides the following regular mealtimes:  
●   Breakfast
●   Mid-morning snack
●   Cooked Hot Lunch
●   Mid-afternoon snack
●   Light Tea    

Our menus are planned in 6-week cycle, allowing for variation in foods that include different tastes, textures, colours, and seasonal flavours. We change the menu twice a year in line with the changes in fruit and vegetable growth in summer and winter.  Menus are available on the website and meals served each day are displayed on the menu board in reception.  We operate a ‘No Nut’ Policy and request that this is respected at all times.

Food Allergies and Intolerances

We treat all children with the highest regard, respecting their right to the best possible health and care by providing nutritious meals and ensuring a child’s safety is paramount.  

This is why we consider the process in which we manage children’s allergies, intolerances, and food preferences of great importance.  We collect all information on registration and ensure this is escalated as required to protect your child.  

Emergency procedures and care plans will be agreed with you, based on the information provided to us. If required, we will work with health visitors and other medical professionals to ensure that we are able to meet your child’s needs. Not only do we ensure your child receives alternative nutritionally balanced meals, but we also ensure all activities and resources are risk assessed considering children’s allergies and intolerances.

Food Preferences

We respect preferred choice and endeavour to support families that choose alternative meals and foods for their children.

We will provide a vegetarian alternative for all meals and snacks to those who have preferred choices due to religious beliefs or personal preferences.


Yüme only provide fresh tap water and milk for children to drink. Alternative milk is available for those that have a food preference, intolerance, or allergy.


Weaning is an important milestone and one that introduces new sensory experiences for your child. Through collaboration we can together decide the best weaning approach for your child.

Yüme will provide a calm, cosy environment where both your child and key person feel comfortable and ready for the one-to-one interaction during the early feeding process. Equally, children striving for independence will be supported and encouraged to self-feed and new tools will be introduced to facilitate this growth.

If breast feeding is your preference, you are welcome to discuss options where you can continue to breast feed your child during the day. All milks are welcome, including formula or breast milk, appropriate storage will be provided.


Yüme fully respects the rights and responsibilities of parents and carers when providing guidance and direction to their child as they develop. Parent partnership and collaborative working will help establish a consistent approach so children can fully enjoy making their own choices.

Children are sensitively guided, their rights to express themselves respected and nurtured.  Listening, being attentive and responsive to a child’s actions and voice helps to nurture confidence and security in children. This is core to our promoting positive behaviour policy and ensures that our educators can consistently provide an environment where children can express emotion freely.  

Yüme considers all interactions as important contributors to a child’s response. This drives us to ensure all educators are knowledgeable about how to respond with consideration and sensitivity. Consistency is key in establishing a core foundation of respectful behaviour management.  

Yüme promotes a process of reflection for all educators so our promise to treat all children and their families with continued respect is consistently practised. This is fundamental in establishing a harmonious, calm, and inclusive environment.  A full Promoting Positive Behaviour policy is available upon request.

Equal Opportunities

Every child has the right to an identity, one that is nurtured and respected. We consider and promote equal opportunities treating every child and their family with equal respect and dignity regardless of ethnic origin, gender, disability, race, or religion. We welcome children and families that may require additional support, including all children regardless of socio-economic status or ability. Individual circumstances are considered in line with Yüme’s ability to provide the standard of care every child deserves.

Child Health

We consider the health and wellbeing of all children as paramount to their emotional wellness and personal welfare. We ensure everyone has Paediatric First Aid training and are equipped to identify signs of ill-health and minor ailments in children.  

Upon enrolment, it is essential that all medical information is shared so an Individual Health Care Plan and Individual Risk Assessment can be completed and distributed as required.  This information will be reviewed regularly, however please inform us if there are changes via  

We understand your child may sometimes show symptoms of ill-health and so may require additional support and comfort. We will consider your child’s condition and will contact you immediately to agree a process that best facilitates the needs of your child and others. We promote a safe, healthy environment for all children ensuring the illness policy is effectively implemented to reduce transmission of sickness and ill-health.  

We operate a policy that follows the Guidance for Schools and Nurseries on Infection Control produced by the Health Protection Agency and the World Health Organisation and request that you adhere to the following procedures:

If your child presents with one or more of these symptoms, you will be asked to collect your child promptly, please also ensure your child rests at home until symptoms relieve:  
●     Fever more than 37.8 degrees Celsius.
●     Unidentified skin rash or abrasion that is weeping.
●     Nausea and sickness.
●     Two episodes of diarrhoea.
●     Red, watery, and painful eyes.
●     Excessive sneezing or coughing.
●     Ear irritation that has not been treated by a doctor.
●     Excessive runny nose with coloured mucus accompanied with a cough/sneezing.
●     Signs of Communicable Disease, such as Chicken Pox or Hand, Foot or Mouth.

Children may not attend nursery whilst infectious and in the event of sickness and diarrhoea, may not be admitted for 48 hours following the last bout.

For children that present with symptoms that are considered an emergency, a separate policy will be adhered to.

These symptoms include:  
●     Listlessness, extreme exhaustion or flushed, pale complexion.
●     Choking or difficulty in breathing
●     Fever, with a temperature recording 39.5C or above.
●     A rising temperature that continues to rise after medication has been administered
●     Allergic reaction
●     Fitting or involuntary movements You will be informed immediately, and emergency medical assistance will be sought.

Severe Allergies

We will actively work in partnership with you and medical professionals if your child has a severe allergy that results in anaphylaxis. We will complete a Risk Assessment and an Allergy Care Plan based on information you share with us. In some circumstances, in might be necessary to request additional medical information confirming the details of your child’s allergy. This helps to inform how we can best support your child whilst at Yüme.  

We have stringent policies to facilitate heightened procedures when managing allergies. These are available upon request and will be shared if you require additional information regarding our management of allergies.


We understand that at times your child may need medication and which we will administer following our stringent procedures. We have two full procedures (available upon request) for administering medication that are strictly adhered to by all Yüme personnel, including all Educators:  

1. Non - Prescription Medication
2. Prescription Medication

The Non - Prescription Medication Procedure is for incidences where your child requires emergency medication to reduce a temperature or to limit allergic reaction. In incidences that your child requires emergency medication, you will be required to collect your child and monitor their health whilst they present with ill health symptoms.

The Prescription Medication Procedure is for children that require prescribed medication. Prescribed medication will be only administered when the prescriptive medicine bottle or package has the original pharmacy label showing:  
●     The prescription numbers.
●     Name of the medication.
●     Date the prescription was issued.
●     The doctor’s name.
●     The child’s first name and surname
●     Specific, legible directions for administration and storage
●     The expiration date

A Prescription Medication Form will be fully completed before any medication is administered. Medication will be stored appropriately and all written signed consents collected as required. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform members of the team about the child’s medication needs.  

Prior written signed consent from a parent or guardian is required in all circumstances before any medication is administered. A record of all medication administered to children is kept and stored appropriately. In all cases, medication will only be administered by appropriately trained and experienced team members.


Yüme would like to request that all children attending Yüme should be fully vaccinated for their own protection and the protection of others who are either too young or unable to be vaccinated. However, we also respect a parental choice and strive to include all children, so will request that you provide reason for non-vaccination. We would also inform other parents that there may be children attending that have not been vaccinated as this promotes fair and equal choice.

Supporting Children with Additional Needs

At Yüme, we are committed to the inclusion of all children and believe that they have the right to be cared for and educated to develop to their full potential alongside their peers, through positive experiences and interactions. We provide a welcoming and nurturing environment where children and families are supported through any early signs of additional needs.  

We recognise this is an especially sensitive time and thus are committed to working collaboratively with families to facilitate the care for any child who has a specific need and/or disability. As all children have a right to a broad and well-balanced early learning environment, we will liaise with families and health professionals to make reasonable adjustments to enable access to our conducive learning environment.  

Confidentiality will be always maintained, and no decisions will be made without your prior consent. More detailed information can be found in our Special Educational Needs and Local Offer policies and procedures.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

The information you share is so we can best support your child and family. Please be assured that as childcare professionals we recognise that we have a duty to always respect and observe the confidentiality of children and their families.

Yüme will not divulge any information unless specifically authorised to do so or where required by child protection procedures. Parents will be given free access to all written records about their children, except in exceptional cases where Data Protection laws stipulate it is against the best interests of the child to do so.

All personal data is always held securely. It is our responsibility to ensure that the documentation held is relevant, accurate and where necessary, kept up to date. Any data held shall be processed fairly and lawfully and in accordance with the rights of data subjects under all local regulatory requirements.  

Early Years Settings are legally required to share certain information they hold on children to Local Authorities and certain agencies prescribed by law. This information helps those Local Authorities and agencies to administer education and children’s services.  

Further information can be found in our Privacy Policy Statement and General Data Protection Policies.

Safeguarding Children

Yüme recognises that the welfare, safety, and protection of children is paramount. As a provider for children, Yüme adheres to the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and incorporates all associated guidance and legislation in the implementation of our Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures.

We ensure that all children are kept healthy and safe and that every child, regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation, has a right to equal protection from harm. Safeguarding and children’s welfare is highly considered at Yüme. Our policy is to work with children, parents/caregivers, external agencies and the community to ensure we support children’s rights to a safe environment where they are protected from any form of harm. We support the children within our care, protect them from maltreatment and have robust procedures in place to prevent the impairment of children’s health and development.

Yüme continually strive to protect all children, this includes:  
●      Protecting children from abuse and maltreatment.
●      Preventing harm to children’s health or development.
●      Ensuring children grow up with the provision of safe and effective care.
●      Taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best outcomes.
●      Promoting acceptance and tolerance of other beliefs and cultures.  You can be assured that we are especially proactive and committed to ensuring children are protected from abuse and harm in all areas.

We have a series of related policies and procedures that our Yüme Teams adhere to. All policies and procedures relating to safeguarding are available upon request.

Receiving and Releasing Children in our Care

It is imperative that parents work closely with us to ensure children’s safety is always upheld.  Procedures are in place to ensure that only authorised persons can collect children. Please adhere to the following procedures:  

●      A child will only be released into the care of someone who is known to be the child’s parent/guardian or an appropriately authorised person. If parents wish to authorise another person to collect their child, this should be in writing. In the nursery, photographs should be provided for all authorised persons including parents; we also have a password procedure.

●      If an unauthorised person comes to collect your child we will contact you immediately. Before we can release your child, you will have to confirm by providing the full name of the person collecting. We will ask you and the person collecting to verify the password stated on your enrolment form. If we have any doubts access will be refused.  

●      Parents must always sign their child in the register when they enter the premises and again when they come to collect their child.

●      Parents must adhere to our controlled entrance procedure to ensure the safety of all the children in our care. Only members of the nursery team are permitted to open the door to allow access into the setting. It is strictly forbidden for parents to open the door and allow access to others, including parents they may recognise.

Late Collection of a Child

Please understand that changes to a child’s routine can be unsettling. If you are going to be late, please inform us as soon as possible so we can reassure your child and prepare our team.

In the event a child is left beyond the normal closing times, and we have not been notified by you, two team members will remain with your child. We will continue to contact yourselves and those authorised to collect. If, however, after one hour we have not been able to contact you or any of the authorised persons recorded on your child’s registration form, the Manager/Senior Manager will assess the situation and then contact the Duty Social Worker. Late fees will be charged as per terms and conditions.

Visitors to the Nursery

We recognise the importance of people in our children’s lives. With the diverse communities and world around us, we welcome visitors to enhance children’s experiences, extending their knowledge by promoting inquiry. A variety of visitors will be invited to share their skills, passions and knowledge with our children.

We are fortunate to be in Wandsworth. With the many parks, access to the river and local amenities, children have endless opportunities to enjoy their surrounding environment.

Nursery Contract  

The policies and procedures within the Yume Parent Handbook and the Terms and Conditions ( form part of our shared contractual obligation.  

Please ensure that you have fully read and understood the terms and conditions of your nursery contract and voice any questions or concerns so further clarification can be provided.  

We have internal policies and procedures that will provide you with more context if required.  

Transparency, fairness, and inclusion are key to our delivery. Therefore, to ensure consistency, the terms and conditions are non- negotiable.

Complaints Procedure

Family connection is a cornerstone of our ethos at Yüme. You are the warm embrace that surrounds your child with the love they need to prosper. We are hugely respectful of a family’s influence and make a continued commitment to work collaboratively with you in all stages of your child’s early education.    

We’ll promise to be open and honest with you, so will ask that you are too! Honest, transparent feedback is one way of helping us in our continuous cycle of improvement. If you have a concern, please share - our educators are responsive and professional and will be proactive in resolving your concern. We also urge you to share concerns with our leadership team in any way, shape, or form.  

Email, face-to-face discussion or written feedback via Parental Feedback Forms are some ways that you can share both positive and negative experiences, however big or small. We’d love to hear it! If a concern raised is left unresolved and you’d like to raise a formal complaint, please follow the ‘Yüme Complaint Procedure’ by initiating these steps:

Step 1 – Informal Resolution: Please first attempt to resolve your concern informally by making a good faith effort to discuss the situation with your child’s key person, their senior or the Nursery Manager.  

Step 2 – Formal Resolution: If the informal process does not resolve the situation and you wish to proceed with more formal complaint, please write to the Nursery Manager within five days of the disputed action. The Nursery Manager is expected to respond promptly in writing within seven working days.  

Step 3 – Action by Board of Directors: If you are still unsatisfied with the resolution of the complaint, please send a copy of your complaint to the Board of Directors within seven working days from the receipt of the Manager’s written response. The Board of Directors will then investigate immediately, responding promptly in writing and within seven working days with a final resolution.  

Step 4 - Action by Ofsted: If the matter has not been resolved through the steps 1, 2 and 3 and you are still concerned the complaint has not been actioned satisfactorily, you have the right to raise the complaint with Ofsted.

Contact details for Ofsted:
Telephone: 0300 123 1231  
By post: Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD

Yüme promotes an environment free from intimidation and harassment and prohibits any physical, verbal, or visual harassment by any employee or parent toward any family, child or employee.  Yüme is required to report any complaints of this nature to the immediate supervisor or director. These complaints will be thoroughly investigated, and should they be found to have any basis in fact, appropriate action will be taken.