A Welcome Letter from Thasin Rahim

Dear parents,

Let me start by introducing myself. I am Thasin Rahim, Yüme’s Founder and Chief Product Officer.

I’m also Ethan’s mum, our first Yüme Child, and Curiosity Ambassador. He was born in London in 2019, to a mixed background of South Korean, Bengali and Spanish! I myself grew up in-between countries but have spent most of my time in Barcelona. During the last 17 years, I’ve lived in 7 different countries (including South Korea, Japan, India, Spain, the US, UK, and Hong Kong) where I learnt that what matters most is hands-on life experience --and of course, languages! I hold multiple MA degrees in Educational theories and approaches, and what I enjoy most about my job is being challenged and discovering new and innovative takes on everyday things.  

Most of what I do, comes from both my professional and personal experience, I will be sharing with you on this blog and our Social Media Channels my thoughts and ideas on how it is to be a multilingual, modern parent, in a multilingual and multicultural modern society.  

Last year, I decided to quit my job and make it my life’s work to create a better family-oriented childcare option, for every modern parent who, like myself, seeks everything in One Place.

Over the last 4 years, I have been lucky enough to have met my ideal team and mentors. Being still a young woman-founder in the Education industry, I’m pleased to be working side-by-side with my husband Ho Samuel Lee (CEO), allowing me to be confident that we can make this dream (Yüme) come true. All the same with our Yüme core team members, as they have been chosen following my passionate ethos and philosophy.

What I am seeking with Yüme? To provide a unique learning experience for each person: parents and children. I realized that there are hardly any spaces for families to spend quality, engaging time together, that’s why Yüme has been curated by listening to my fellow parents who were seeking alternative options and more support: a community of parents.

You will be seeing and hearing from me at Yüme regularly: designing our schools, looking for your children’s resources, from all over the world, writing educational research pieces, mentoring teachers and investing time in every single one of our Yüme products, to make sure they are crafted with quality and delivered to you with love... I love developing new things and ideas! This year I will be also working on developing our in-house English-Spanish bilingual Curriculum, along with our educators training, while still working on my EdTech platform and solution for our parents’ community that will be launched in 2021.

Finally, I would like to invite all of you to reach out to us. I love finding out more about what our parents need, and care about, so we can  develop our modern way of parenting. You may contact me at research@yumeschool.com with all your ideas and suggestions.  

And, if you love Instagram, like I do, you will be able to find me on @thasinrahim.

Thanks for reading and being part of this wonderful project that is Yüme.