Benefits of Reflexology for Babies

When it comes to the fascinating world of alternative medicine, we need to consider that caring for children often requires a vastly different approach, and there are numerous conditions only seen in kids.  

In the case of Baby Reflexology, it has been known to improve blood circulation, boost their immune system, calm them down, and most importantly balance out their little bodies in a non-invasive way. Therefore, practicing reflexology with the little ones is definitely a good way of maximising their health and wellbeing, from as early as birth.  

Moreover, whilst reflexology has no harmful side effects, it could also help ease conditions such as colic, constipation, fever, reflux, teething, nasal congestion, eye, and ear ailments, restlessness, and sleeping issues.  

For babies, foot reflexology works surprisingly well because their feet, specifically the arches, are still developing. As a result, a baby’s foot is very flat, soft, and sensitive, making the response time to reflexology much faster than an adult’s foot. In addition, babies respond well to reflexology because their brains do not yet analyse anything. Therefore, signals are sent directly and smoothly from the nerve endings located on the foot to the relevant organs within the body.  

Note, if you would like to bring your child for a reflexology session, it is advisable that you start gentle feet massages a few days prior to the session, so that your baby gets used to it. This could be during evening baths, or when you change nappies. Follow the rhythm of your baby and go as far as the baby allows it.

Ensure your baby is in a good mood on the first few tries!

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Original article by Marta Dziura for ZEST Therapeutic Reflexology.