Healthy Eating Week 2021: Yummy & healthy, now and always

Encouraging children to eat healthily is something that will favour them for life. The implementation of these habits in early years will stay with them as they grow up.

For that purpose, it is important that they learn how food has a direct impact in their bodies’ functionality.

Please find below, some suggestions& tips to lead your children into the eating well path.

1)   Avoid rules, use routines instead: Whenever possible have family meals without distractions. Lead by example and try to give them a role to play, choosing nutritional foods to bit by bit, getting that idea into their minds.

2)   Do not divide foods between good and bad:Instead use the “Go, Slow, Whoa” technique o something similar that works for you. “Go” are the most nutritious foods, veggies, fruits, whole cereals, healthy proteins etc. “Slow” are foods like white bread, pasta etc. and “Whoa”things are the ones like chips and refine sugars. We are not eliminating; we are teaching children how to choose and think before doing so.

3)   Explain that size matters when it comes to nutritious food: You could use as an example “the Eatwell plate”. Pointing out the portions of veggies, cereal and proteins on their plates, and allowing them to serve themselves will help to go ahead learning healthy nutritional habits, our goal.

For babies and toddlers, you could use colours and shapes; and for pre-schoolers explain the food benefits, like this will make you stronger; you will have a superhero sight; this will help and add some fun to the process.


I hope these “mini tips” help you on the way to teach children to eat healthier, one of the best gifts youcan give to your little ones!

Thanks for reading me and until next time.


Maria Lastra

Chef and feeding consultant