Physical Education & Outdoor Learning at Yüme

During the Early Years stage, Physical Education is vital for the development of gross and fine motor skills. PE helps to improve the coordination of bodily movements and the growth of the bones and muscles of the body.    

At Yüme we hold daily outdoor sports sessions. These activities are planned taking into account the interests of our students and their specific needs analysed in previous experiences.    

The educators are a fundamental pillar during these sessions, as they intervene and motivate the children when they need support, guaranteeing, in this way, a safe, happy and fun environment.    

Obstacle courses allow us to observe our children in different athletic situations: running, jumping, crawling, spinning, throwing or hitting.  

PE also promotes teamwork. So, we will soon start to introduce team sports, with the aim of improving our children's ability to collaborate and cooperate.  

We are very much enjoying seeing our young children enjoying outdoor sports activities and watching them grow up in a healthy way makes us very proud and motivated.    

Finally, we encourage all Yüme parents to observe their children when they do sports activities and analyse their motor skills so that we can work together to improve the physical growth of our students.    

Yüme Circuit at Wandsworth Park

Exercise to practice at home and observe Early Years physical development.

  • Choose a spacious place (e.g. an empty room or garden), take 5/10 favourite toys and spread them around the room.  
  • Encourage the child to pick up his/her toys in less than 40 seconds/60 seconds and put them in an empty basket/box.  
  • You can vary the level of the game by providing different ways of picking up: reducing the time, picking them up with one hand, jumping with the feet together, crawling...  

By varying the game, you can also observe different physical skills.