The rise of bilingual nurseries

Original post on Kidslingo:

There has been a distinct rise in bilingual nurseries in the UK in recent years – something we hugely support at Kidslingo. We live in an international society and research proves that children who speak two languages (or more) are at an intellectual and cultural advantage. It is critical to give children the opportunity to speak another language as early as possible.

We have invited the founders of the new Yüme English/Spanish bilingual nursery to tell us about the philosophy behind their brand.

Hola everyone!

We are Yüme: a new bilingual Nursery & Preschool in Wandsworth that offers families a holistic approach to Early Years, and a modern way of parenting.

Our in-house curriculum invites children to immerse themselves into both English & Spanish playful, learning experiences. Through music, dance, literature, STEM, and, of course, conversation, children engage with purposeful and eco-friendly materials, bilingual resources (sourced from all over the world) and cross-curricular activities that go beyond what standard day-care settings provide. We welcome Kidslingo into our core languages program, allowing us to offer French classes to our preschoolers, through fun and interactive activities that truly blend in with our philosophy and approach to Early Years education.

Being that London is one of the greenest capital cities in the world (and in fact, being the world’s first National Park City), Yüme is also a Forest School which allows our little ones to explore and wonder in natural settings as much as possible. We are five minutes away from Wandsworth Park, and with the river Thames just down our street, which makes our location a great place to engage in our outdoor adventures.

Yüme is backed by a team of experienced educators and working parents, led by Thasin Rahim, our Founder and Chief Product Officer. Aware of how international and multicultural our community of parents is, she will be leading our MiniMë Club providing an online and on-site parenting platform & community, with workshops and classes for families to enjoy together during the week and weekends, in subjects such as Music & Movement, Languages, and Yoga.

We kindly invite you all to come and visit our wonderful setting, with our personalized Open House tours. Get in touch and let us give you a warm welcome into our Yüme world.