Meet Our Team

Hello everyone! We are the Team behind Yüme.
We share a passion for what we do and our core values (Nurture, Empower, Reflect, Celebrate) are present in all the decisions that we make for our People and our Yüme Children. If you’re interested in joining our organisation, please, do get in touch!

Thasin Rahim

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Thasin is an acclaimed Early Years and Primary School teacher (nominated for the “Nobel prize” of Education in 2015) and an Ed tech start-up entrepreneur with vast experience developing and implementing innovative pedagogies, international curriculums and school environment designing.
She’s also a specialist in fields of children’s wholistic education and parenting trends. Now based in London with her family, she has lived and worked in over 7 countries, speaks 5 languages, and along with Yüme, she’s currently developing her second company, Sandbox, among other CRS projects. Her favourite piece of advice: “Follow your dreams!”. You can read Thasin's Welcome Letter in our blog.

Ria Chandler

Nursery Manager Wandsworth

Ria is Yüme Wandsworth’s Nursery Manager. She’s a passionate educator and manager, with over 18 years of experience working in the Early Years sector, including that of being an Ofsted inspector. Bubbly, outgoing, and caring, as her friends and family would describe her, Ria always puts her children first. “I always see any child who comes into my environment as my own, keeping them safe and protected and cared for is the most important thing”. She’s also a true advocate of training, mentoring and role modelling her team.  A piece of advice she stands by: Never give up! And reach for the stars as you will get there!

Devina Brown

Baby Room Leader

Devina is Yüme Wandsworth’s Baby Room Leader. She’s an experienced Early Years L4 Educator. Enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about childcare, her aim is to develop a lifelong relationship with children and their families (she keeps in touch with children that started with her as babies and now are in Secondary school!). Her favourite thing about working in this industry? Being able to give all children the right support and encourage them to be themselves and not be limited by judgement, or what other people might say or think.

Samuel Lee

Chief Executive Officer

With great experience in international business development, having worked in Australia, USA, UK and Asia, including South Korea (where he is originally from), Sam joined the Early Years Education industry with the intent of developing the best quality care for his son, and for all Yüme children. He considers every child should have the right to grow up to be righteous, creative, independent and confident. Sam is a committed parent, and a curious, determinate dreamer, in his friend’s words. The favourite piece of advice he’s given to his son? Let’s try again!

Tiffany Vickery

Chief Compliance Officer

Tiffany is a passionate Early Years Education professional with knowledge and experience working as quality assurer and senior manager in multiple Early Years settings. She’s also a dedicated teacher, mentor, and people trainer with 25+ years of experience within the industry. With Yüme, Tiffany seeks to go beyond the standards and expectations of what an Outstanding nursery should be like.  Outside of work, Tiffany is hockey player and coach. She encourages everyone to play sports as it’s a great way to improve not just their health but their team working skills.

Nicolas Pili

Head of Communications

Nicolas is a journalist and translator from Argentina, with ten years of experience working for different magazines, publications and organisations, including UNICEF. He has worked in Early Years both in the UK and internationally for the past 4 years. He loves to travel back home to Patagonia to visit his friends and family and enjoys outdoor hikes and film photography as a hobby. A piece of advice he likes giving: “Best idea wins!”. Always, no matter where or who it comes from, top or bottom of the organisation, anyone can get it right!

Marcos Zbrun

Lead Designer

Marc is a graphic designer and web developer from Argentina, with experience both in print and digital media working in advertising and in the cultural industries. He’s published independent magazines and ran a local venue that became one of the landmarks of the local region (he lives in General Roca, in the beautiful valley of Rio Negro). He is a father of two young boys who keep him happy, busy, and full of ideas and inspiration for his work. In his free time, he likes playing football and he’s a self-taught musician.