Meet Our Team

Hello everyone! We are the Team behind Yüme.
We share a passion for what we do and our core values (Nurture, Empower, Reflect, Celebrate) are present in all the decisions that we make for our People and our Yüme Children. If you’re interested in joining our organisation, please, do get in touch!

Thasin Rahim Photo

Thasin Rahim

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Thasin is an acclaimed Early Years and Primary School teacher (nominated for the “Nobel prize” of Education in 2015) and an Ed tech start-up entrepreneur with vast experience developing and implementing innovative pedagogies, international curriculums and school environment designing.
She’s also a specialist in fields of children’s wholistic education and parenting trends. Now based in London with her family, she has lived and worked in over 7 countries, speaks 5 languages, and along with developing Yüme, she's working on other CRS projects. Her favourite piece of advice: “Follow your dreams!”. You can read Thasin's Welcome Letter in our blog.

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Nursery Manager Ria Chandler Photo

Ria Chandler

Nursery Manager Yüme Wandsworth

Ria is Yüme Wandsworth’s Nursery Manager. She’s a passionate educator and manager, with over 18 years of experience working in the Early Years sector, including that of being an Ofsted inspector. Bubbly, outgoing, and caring, as her friends and family would describe her, Ria always puts her children first. “I always see any child who comes into my environment as my own, keeping them safe and protected and cared for is the most important thing”. She’s also a true advocate of training, mentoring and role modelling her team.  A piece of advice she stands by: Never give up! And reach for the stars as you will get there!

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Head of Partnerships Serah D'Almeida Photo

Serah D’Almeida

Head of Partnerships

Serah was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. There, she worked at Vogue India as the Head of Client Relationship Management for their largest Intellectual Property before moving to London 5 years ago, to pursue an MA in Fashion Business Management. Having been part of the luxury fashion industry for close to 7 years, she knew it was time to fulfil her dream of working with children in the  Early Years. Outside of work, Serah’s interests include dance cardio, true crime documentaries, and cooking. A piece of advice she stands by? As her name suggests, “Lo que será será… Whatever will be, will be!”.

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Educator Paola Sanchez Photo

Paola Sanchez

Senior Early Years Educator

Paola is our Baby Room Early Years L4 Educator. She's described by her friends and family as trusty and hard worker, a person who loves her job. “I’ve had the opportunity to work in three different countries (Mexico, Spain, UK) for the last 15 years, and I’ve learned a lot from each team/place I’ve been a part of,” she adds. In her experience, “play and movement are the most powerful tools for children to learn how to recognise their emotions”, she says. Her favourite part of her job? To see the smiles of the children and watch them grow and be capable of everything!

Educator Deisy Goncalves Photo

Deisy Goncalves

Senior Early Years Educator

Originally from Venezuela, Deisy is a Spanish, French and Italian translator and language teacher with over 12 years’ working with children, teenagers and adults. “Whilst in England, I discovered the magic of Early Years and decided to pursue the Level 3 in Childcare & Education,” she says. She’s dedicated, driven and passionate professional. “What I enjoy the most about my job is to see and understand the world through children’s eyes, which opens a window to different perspectives about simple things,” she says. “Plus, the process of accompanying the children in their developmental path,” she concludes.

Educator Gabino Cuesta's Photo

Gabino Cuesta Blaya

Early Years Educator & Outdoor Learning Lead

Gabino is from Barcelona. He has a bachelor’s degree in Primary School Teaching and a Minor in Physical Education. He is our QTS Preschool Room Educator and our Outdoor Learning Lead. Gabi describes himself as a responsible, kind and career-driven person, who’s passionate about sports and education. “Education has no limits, and the opportunity to grow every day is what I like the most from my job,” he adds.  A piece of advice for his children? Knowing what the most important things in life are: exploring, enjoying and sharing.

Educator Janeen Lewis Photo

Janeen Lewis

Senior Early Years Educator

Janeen is our Toddler Room L6 Early Years Educator.  Both her family and her friends would describe her as a funny, loving person. “I’m a caring individual who loves to help,” she adds. Janeen holds a degree in Early Years Special Education Needs and has long term experience working in nurseries & preschools in London (she moved to the UK from Jamaica when she was 7). “My favourite part of my job is watching children grow and flourish in happiness… And getting to make a difference to the life of every child that you care for,” she concludes.

Educator Monique Muzariri Photo

Monique Muzariri

Early Years Apprentice

Monique is originally from South Africa, and she’s being living in the UK since 2016 (“Definitely miss the warm weather!”, she says). She describes herself as a confident, positive and hardworking person. She’s got a Teaching Assistant degree from Drama School, and she’s extremely passionate about acting. “I love working in Early Years and being able to instil a sense of play and creativity into children”, she tells. “Allowing them to be completely themselves is so important in the development stages and will serve them well in life”, she concludes.

Educator Sabrina Ricci Photo

Sabrina Ricci

Early Years Apprentice

Originally from sunny South Africa, Sabrina has been living in the UK since 2016. Her family and friends would describe her as a friendly “bookworm”, an animal lover, and a caring, empathetic person. “Working as an Early Years Educator has stood me in good stead, to understand the importance of individual child development strategies and creating a passion for learning at an early age.” she says. She also warns us: “I am your biggest cheerleader in the classroom, I will always be here giving children the self-confidence they need to keep going!”

Educator Consolate Cibwabwa Photo

Consolate Cibwabwa

Early Years Apprentice

Consolate is a Music & Media BA, with a passion for singing, song writing and, of course, children. “It’s my favourite thing about this job, working with children, along very respectful colleagues”. Both her family and friends would describe her as a strong, caring, funny, and career driven person. The best advice she has ever received? Never give up! “And never worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about it yourself,” she says. Originally from Congo, she’s been living in the UK since 2006 and has experience working as a paediatric nurse and Sunday school teacher.

Chef Abdel Begum Photo

Abdel Begum


Originally from Bangladesh, Abdel is Yüme Kitchen’s qualified chef. He comes with great experience and passion for what he does, and has worked in restaurants in Spain and the UK for over 30 years. He specialises in Mediterranean cuisine, with Spanish Paella and Tortilla being some of his standout dishes. “But also, biryani rice, of course,” he adds. He makes it his mission to deliver fresh, nutritious meals & snacks for all our Yüme Children, and Educators. “I want to see empty plates, and love hearing them asking for seconds!". Both our team and children agree!

Housekeeper Nancy Ortiz Photo

Nancy Ortiz


Nancy is from Ecuador and she has been living in the UK since 2013. She’s Yüme Wandsworth Housekeeper and Room Assistant. Her friends would describe her as a very good, reliable person, and she proudly agrees. “I would also add that I’m hard working and very responsible,” she adds. Her favourite thing about working in Early Years is the family-like environment and manner that her routine in the setting entails. Finally, a piece of advice she likes to stand by: "we all need to be kind and honest with one another."

Samuel Lee Photo

Samuel Lee

Chief Executive Officer

With great experience in international business development, having worked in Australia, USA, UK and Asia, including South Korea (where he is originally from), Sam joined the Early Years Education industry with the intent of developing the best quality care for his son, and for all Yüme children. He considers every child should have the right to grow up to be righteous, creative, independent and confident. Sam is a committed parent, and a curious, determinate dreamer, in his friend’s words. The favourite piece of advice he’s given to his son? Let’s try again!

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Nicolas Pili Photo

Nicolas Pili

Head of Communications

Nicolas is a journalist and translator from Argentina, with ten years of experience working for different magazines, publications and organisations, including UNICEF. He has worked in Early Years both in the UK and internationally for the past 4 years. He loves to travel back home to Patagonia to visit his friends and family and enjoys outdoor hikes and film photography as a hobby. A piece of advice he likes giving: “Best idea wins!”. Always, no matter where or who it comes from, top or bottom of the organisation, anyone can get it right!

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Marcos Zbrun Photo

Marcos Zbrun

Lead Designer

Marc is a graphic designer and web developer from Argentina, with experience both in print and digital media working in advertising and in the cultural industries. He’s published independent magazines and ran a local venue that became one of the landmarks of the local region (he lives in General Roca, in the beautiful valley of Rio Negro). He is a father of two young boys who keep him happy, busy, and full of ideas and inspiration for his work. In his free time, he likes playing football and he’s a self-taught musician.

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