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Five minutes walk from Wandsworth Park and with the river Thames just down the street, our first Yüme Wandsworth Nursery & Preschool is a true statement of what we believe in: a standout space with plenty of room for children to learn, play and fulfil their dreams and potential.

We Are Now Open

Yüme Wandsworth Nursery & Preschool
10 Point Pleasant,  
London, SW18 1GG

Tel.: +44 020 3859 0353


We are open 51 weeks per year.
Standard hours
8am - 6pm, Mon - Fri

Extended hours
7am – 7pm, Mon – Fri

For Weekend hours,
please contact us.

Age Groups

Babies (3 - 18 m)
Toddlers (18 m - 3 yo)
Pre-schoolers (3 - 5 yo)

Indoor & Outdoor Play

Yüme Wandsworth has a spacious indoor garden & play area, plus easy access to Wandsworth Park and the local Communal Playground.

See more: Forest School.

Yüme Languages

We're a bilingual school: children engage with both English and Spanish as First Languages during core hours.

See more: Yüme Languages.

Yüme Kitchen

Our healthy meals & snacks are prepared in house, providing children with a varied, nutritious menu. All dietary requirements are carefully monitored by our qualified kitchen staff. 

For more information, please contact our Nursery Manager.

MiniMë Club

We offer onsite classes to introduce parents/carers into their children's skills, personal, social & emotional development.
MiniMë weekday sessions are free for Yüme Families. Additional fees apply for weekends.

For a full list of our activities & fees, please contact us.

School Outings

Community outings are included in our Curriculum as part of children's daily life and experiences. Special trips such as going to museums, galleries, and local shops, will help enhance children's life experiences.

The Nursery Environment

A reflection of the real world, our setting is designed to allow children to reenact everyday situations and experiences, in an imaginative landscape: promoting active and deeper learning.

Yüme Babies room is a purposefully designed playful environment that naturally supports stimulating, sensory and exploratory activities.

Yüme Toddlers is our biggest space. It promotes young children's independency and confidence, developing new interests and skills through learning situations that focus in their communicational & physical capabilities.

Yüme Preschoolers is a room for creators & big thinkers: children face new challenges and come up with their own ideas and ways of doing things, focusing not just on final results but considering a maker's process.

We are a Forest School

We consider that playing, and learning, outdoors is a foundational part of the way we understand and appreciate the Natural world.

Yüme Wandsworth
has immediate access to two outdoor spaces within walking distance: the communal playground and Wandsworth Park.

We are equipped with all required risk assessment and travel systems that allow us to engage in daily outings and outdoor activities throughout the year.

On Wednesdays & Fridays, our children are invited to spend most of the day outside, in nature, making the most of their learning experiences and interests.

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