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Yüme MiniMë Club offers onsite Parent & Child shared sessions welcoming families into our space to learn, play and enjoy themselves while spending some quality time together here at Yüme.

MiniMë Babies

Our MiniMë Babies sessions focus on developing children’s (aged 6 weeks-old to 18 months-old) sensory and motor skills Music & Movement classes, letting them experience new sensorial activities and social interaction with other babies and their parents/carers. We also offer Spanish sessions, engaging young children through songs and music, games and hands-on activities.

Our Taster Sessions will be taking place during Spring 2021. For more information please contact us at

MiniMë Children

Our Toddlers & Preschoolers sessions include fun-filled, highly interactive Language classes, boosting your children’s confidence as well as promoting their emotional bond with each member of the family that attends with them.Placing focus too on your children’s gross and fine motor skills (their body language), you and your child can also join our Yoga and Sports classes, along with our Creative play, Dance & Movement sessions.

Our Taster Sessions will be taking place during Spring 2021. For more information please contact us at

MiniMë Weekends

Parenthood sometimes deserves a little break. Designed by a mum, tailored to first hand parenting needs and experience, our MiniMë Weekend Club allows you to drop your little ones on our Saturday and Sunday sessions to enjoy a range of creative and energetic activities, allowing for some needed time to enjoy a relaxed lunch or do some shopping. All our weekends are full of messy Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, Story Time & Cooking classes for the older ones.

MiniMë Online Platform & Community

Being anxious and uncertain during pregnancy is one of the most common feelings among parents.
The MiniMë Parenting platform offers a selection of classes, courses and resources curated by us.
Our online community & chat group will enable you to share your troubleshooting challenges, and listen to other families share their experiences.

MiniMë Online entails Pre & Postnatal courses (both in house and online), webinars and workshops like Pregnancy Fitness & Wellbeing, to Sleep Training, and Nutrition, among others.

To inquire about fees & schedule, or to subscribe to our MiniMë Newsletter, contact us at